Lodestar’s unique 360° approach to serving our clients is based on the principle of inclusivity. We approach a project from multiple directions to develop and implement comprehensive solutions.

Campaign plans form the basis of our project management model. With this structure, we ensure that all elements of our operations are cohesive and integrated with our clients needs, and that our team functions with a unity of purpose.

We have established a network of public private partnerships (P3s) with organizations that share our focus, particularly with law enforcement agencies in Canada and around the world, in order to expand our capacity and integrate our expertise with complementary talents to meet our clients’ needs.


Lodestar will undertake a comprehensive scan of your operating environment and, through its diverse and highly skilled resources, develop an accurate and detailed picture of the ability of your company to fulfill its mandate and achieve its objectives. Our team will explore political, economic, social, technological, and other factors through on-site observation, formal and informal interviews with stakeholders, qualitative and quantitative research, open data, and other innovative means.

With this clear understanding of your environment, Lodestar will assist you to formulate a plan by aligning your mission objectives with the most appropriate investigative talent to develop operational targets specifically tailored to your unique challenges.


Lodestar’s approach to assisting our clients is based on our unique capability to transform data and information into actionable intelligence. Through our years of experience analyzing military and law enforcement campaigns to determine which factors ensure successful outcomes, Lodestar’s team of investigators and analysts can synthesize disparate pieces of information, identify trends and patterns, and interpret significant conclusions, allowing our clients to make informed decisions that result in operational successes.

Our team’s experience is supplemented by strong professional relationships with senior law enforcement officials and security personnel around the world which the Lodestar team has developed over many years. These relationships expand and deepen our capacity to conduct intelligence gathering and assessment, and support our ability to address the global challenges you face.


Lodestar specializes in resolving complex strategic challenges through the implementation of campaigns, both large- and small-scale. This working structure allows us to efficiently and effectively coordinate activities and share information between various stakeholders. We then work with you to construct and implement resolutions based on the established plan for your organization’s objectives.

As an outcome-driven organization, Lodestar provides our clients with real, measurable results that directly address your organization’s strategic and operational objectives — and your bottom line.


A key component in the successful execution of a major campaign is the ability to document and report coherently on the activities we conduct and the results we achieve. In particularly complex environments where multi-pronged approaches and missions are required, documentation and reporting systems become even more critical and our team excels at this function.

Lodestar provides customized reporting based on your specific needs. We can also design and create content for a wide variety of documents, publications, presentations, and social media platforms.